Property Management

New York State Law requires that property managers be licensed with very few exceptions. As a New York State licensed Real Estate Broker, Adam Johnson and the Blue Top Management team can serve your needs honestly and ethically.

Every property is a business and needs to be managed as one. Tenants are the customers. Investors are the owners. Managers create the balance between the needs/desires of both.

There are a number of important factors to consider with any property:

  • Is the property being maintained properly to both preserve value as well as provide tenants a safe space for their business or home?
  • Are the tenants satisfied? Are the owners satisfied?
  • Are the bills being paid on time? Are the rents being paid on time?
  • Is the property profitable and providing adequate cash flow?

Along with these questions are thousands more. The basic principal is that each property is a business and should be operated that way. We own many of the properties that we manage. Blue Top Management will not manage a property that we would not be proud to own.

We do not believe in squeezing a property for every penny at the expense of the tenants, either. We seek the balance where the owner realizes a fair return on their investment and the tenant enjoys a pleasent environment to conduct their business or enjoy their leisure time.