About Us

Adam JohnsonBlue Top Management, LLC was founded by Adam Johnson. Adam is an entrepreneur at heart and has worked in construction for over 25 years. Adam is also a licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of New York.

Adam’s greatest lessons in leadership and attention-to-detail were learned during his service in the United States Air Force. These traits serve Adam daily. Taking great pride in the finished product, Adam uses all of his experiences to complete projects quickly, accurately and thoroughly.

Blue Top Management provides:

  • Solutions to property owners
  • Property analysis for Real Estate Investors
  • Property Management
  • Property for sale/lease/rent in Upstate New York
    Where did the name “Blue Top” come from?  Blue Top originates from a technique formerly used by surveyors and grader/bulldozer operators, before lasers and Global Positioning Systems. Surveyors would drive a wooden peg into the ground so that the top of the stake was at the desired grade. They then painted the top of the stake blue. The heavy equipment operators “blue topped” by running the blade of the machine across the top of this peg as they passed. Only the most talented and patient operators performed this task. It is difficult because if the operator is too high or too low with the blade, the peg gets buried or ripped out. When you touched the blue top, you were “right on the money”. This term holds personal significance for Adam since he learned it while being trained as a Heavy Equipment Operator in the Air Force.