Bed Bug BBQ

We now offer heat treatment pest control!  Very effective for elimination of bed bugs!

Let’s face it, you don’t want them and we don’t want them either.  Bed bugs are becoming a huge problem in our area.  That is why we have found this simple solution.


We set up our heating equipment in the morning in your home or business.  We raise the temperature in the target area to 130-140°, then maintain that temperature for a minimum of an hour.  When done, we remove our equipment and you return to life as usual – minus these little pests that ruin your peaceful sleep!

Bed bugs are developing resistance to some of the common chemicals used to treat them.  They haven’t figured out how to adapt to heat treatment, it is their own nature to seek heat!  When we start raising the temperature, they become very active – they are looking for their next meal!  They begin running around, trying to find the source of the heat because in their mind, heat=dinner.  What they don’t realize is that they are dehydrating very quickly as our temperatures hit 120° plus.  Our target temperature of 130° creates a 100% mortality rate in less than 10 minutes.  We hold our target temperature for a minimum of an hour, just to make sure!  While we are at it, we are roasting their eggs, spiders, fleas, mold spores, dust mites, and any other little pest that happens to stop by to see what is going on!

We don’t leave a residue behind like chemical exterminators either.  This makes our option favorable for areas with concerns for pets or children that may accidentally come into contact with the treatment.  It is also beneficial to hotels, businesses, or other places that need to minimize the amount of time a unit is unavailable for occupancy.  Once things cool down, you would never know we were there.  For a comprehensive treatment plan, we can also work closely with a licensed pest elimination company to offer a one-two punch.  Our treatment is almost instant, while their treatment has a residual value that can reduce re-infestation risk.  Chemical treatments can take several days to start working as it requires the bed bugs to come into contact with the chemical.  Our treatment FINDS them and kills them where they are.  If they are trying to hide inside the wall, we roast them there too.  When we leave, they are all dead.  The choice is yours, but you DO have options.

Below is a short clip taken from a recent treatment.  This is during the initial warm-up phase and the temperature was not yet to 120°.  You can see how active they are, they think it is the occupant’s bed time (and their dinner time).  We hit optimum temperature about 30 minutes later and that was “The End” for this little bed time story.  The occupant returned home and enjoyed a peaceful night of rest and didn’t have to throw away their mattress either.